"We'll Keep You Covered"

Two thirds of all drownings occur in unattended pools-most being children under
the age of five. So improve child safety and increase drowning prevention by
keeping your pool covered when not in use.
Our safety pool covers are so strong, they even support the weight of several
adults. In many areas with strict safety laws, our safety pool covers are
recognized as a replacement for a second fence-they are more attractive too!

With our safety cover in place, you'll save on expensive heating bills. Daytime
water temperature increases as much as 10 to 15 degrees and nighttime heat loss
is reduced by up to 90%.
And chemicals? On a hot day, a gallon of chlorine can evaporate in just two
hours. But in a pool covered by our safety cover, chlorine can last as long as
two weeks. Plus a covered pool is a clean pool, so spend more time enjoying
your pool and less time skimming, sweeping and vacuuming.  

A pool cover only works when you use it. Here's where our automatic safety pool
covers shine. Just flip a switch! In 60 seconds the pool is covered! No lugging
heavy tarps or hand cranking. You get big benefits with no effort.