The Manual cover system is a good way for smaller pools to still get the safety, savings and convenience of an automatic pool cover without the cost.  Because it is also manufactured by Pool Cover Specialists, you can always upgrade the the Infinity 4000 automatic Cover.

Our prefered product line for the automatic pool cover is the infinity 4000 by Pool Cover Specialists.  Please contact us on other product lines available.

The PowerTRAK (Semi-Automatic) also offered exclusively by Pool Cover Specialists. It is designed for smaller pools where getting electricity to the swimming pool is not practical , as it runs off a rechargeable drill instead.  It is also a good option if a mid price range automatic cover is desired.

​​*Check the operation of the cover

​​*Check drainage

*Check cover, ropes and webbing

*Check track shims/screws

*Check and Clean track

*Check all wearable parts

*Check unit attachment

*Check motor and controller

*Check sliders/leading edge

*Check cover pump and clean

10 Point annual pREVENTATIVE  mAINTENANCE program 

Infinity 4000

Winter covers


Pool Cover Specialists: Infinity 4000 & 2000 

Mini-Infinity, Solar 2000 

Coverstar (CS): Eclipse, CS1000 
Cover-Pools (CP): Models I and II, Big Red, Blue Diamond ,Save-T. 
Automatic Pool Covers Inc. (APC): AutoGuard, ManualGuard 
Pool-Saver: Cantar and older models 
Aquamatic: All models 
Aquador: All models 
Hydro-Matic: All Models 
Step-Saver: Annyaide 

We provide service to all makes and models of automatic pool covers



We offer two Spa covers.

- The Mini infinity offered by Pool Cover Specialsits is a fully automatic system for your inground spa needs.

- We also offer an aluminum spa cover to keep your spa
completely sealed inside and out.  They don’t absorb water so you will no longer have to worry about soggy foam covers. 

​We offer Solid or Mesh winter covers


other Services

 We offer emergency service at additional Service rate 

Call 860-816-4774


"We'll Keep You Covered"

   Repairs- We are fully stocked with a vast
variety of parts.  We also have the experience necessary to ensure your pool cover will be back up and working.

Replacement Fabrics- When you are in need of
replacing your fabric, we have a variety of colors to choose from.  For every replacement fabric we
also replace all of the necessary parts and perform our 10 point preventative maintenance check.  We can replace a fabric on any make or model of automatic pool covers. 


Winter Cover ServiceWe will remove cover  
and ensure all of its hardware is properly maintained.  We also like to ensure proper storage to extend the life of your seasonal cover.  Also when the time comes we will reinstall it for you.